5 tips to help you with Christmas gift giving for your business

At this time of year, it’s worth looking for opportunities to touch base with your customers and thank them for their business and loyalty as well as giving out gifts to your employees to thank them for their contribution during the year.

Advertising using promotional products can prove to be a great marketing strategy. Promotional merchandise combined with your marketing plans help build brand awareness, increase goodwill and develop customer loyalty.

Here are some great tips to help you prepare for corporate giving this Christmas.

Personalise Your Gifts

Take a look at your demographic to see what their interests are, for example, what are their hobbies, do they like coffee, chocolate, candles, music, golf. A gift that includes a specifically chosen item that speaks directly to them is always going to be more appreciated over a generic branded one. This shows that you’ve taken the time to consider who your client is and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Reflect your Company’s Values

Every successful company has a set of company values to assist their employees in achieving their goals as well as the company’s. Make sure you choose find items that support those values.

Consider etiquette.

Make sure the gift is appropriate and follows the customs and norms of your client’s industry. If you purchase a gift that is too expensive or not aligned with the company’s policies, it may be awkward and could even be returned so do some research and find out.

Choose quality over quantity. Any business gift you send reflects on the image of your company. Avoid lower quality gifts that can impair your image. Purchase quality products without breaking your budget adnd ensure your logo is understated enough so as not to look like a blatant advertisement.

Presentation is important. 

Have your gift wrapped and presented in a festive way.  The packaging is part of the experience.

Its never too late to get organized – so get in touch to find out how they can help.

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