Conference Checklist 
When you are thinking about promotional products for a Conference or Trade Show, it is important to plan ahead.
This is why we have created a checklist for you to determine the perceived value of your promotional products and ensure your promotion is a success!
Start planning now.

1. Start out by examining your brand presence and your goals.

2. What are your goals? Are you trying to create brand awareness?

3. Are you launching a new product or new company?

4. Are you looking for new business?

5. Are you trying to maintain a presence in the marketplace?

6. Are you just trying to support existing relationships?

7. Consider your target market and specific information about them. Who is your target market? Are you targeting existing customers?  What are the demographics associated with the recipients? Does that affect the type of gifts that they would want to receive?

8. How well do your promotional items match the industry, the occasion, and the recipient? Does your promotional item mesh with their industry? What is the venue where you intend to distribute the product?Is it a trade show? Is it a conference covering several days? Is it a simple meeting, or some other venue? What is the role of the recipients? Are they decision makers? Are they decision influencers?

9. What relevance does your promotional product have to the recipients? Is the product that you’re giving to them relevant to them? Is the perceived value something that they will appreciate?

10. How are the items to be presented?




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