Warehousing & Distribution
Scotland & Harrisson has designed a centralised Merchandise On line Ordering  System to provide clients with an easy and convenient method of managing and ordering their product ranges.
Each site is customized for the client and features their logos and corporate colours on each page. The entire range is categorized, by style, size, colour and price. Access is secured via a username and password.
Items can be viewed and ordered (in real time) via a series of easy-to-use prompts and once confirmed, the order is processed and dispatched.
Scotland & Harrisson manages the sourcing, ordering and warehousing of merchandise as well as providing on-line ordering system which provides:
  • Internet-based ordering system
  • Access to electronic catalogue
  • Remote access to inventory
  • Remote access to orders
  • Real time tracking of orders and inventory
  • Minimum and maximum stock parameters
  • Prompt delivery of ordered items to office locations Australia wide
  • Ordering/account system that allow items to be charged against multiple charge codes.
  • Management reporting including but not limited to stock on hand reports, usage reports, etc
  • Consolidated monthly invoices
A wide range of reporting facilities is available and includes, but is not limited to, real time stock movements, stock levels, cost centres and individuals’ personal purchasing history. Timely, minimum stock, level fail-safe alerts are also automated so that clients can top up their stock and enjoy uninterrupted supply.
In addition to the above, CPS incorporates state-of-the-art, secure warehousing. Storage areas are customized and include standard and high security areas.